The dichotomy that appears to be present in the goals of freedom and compassion is not real. There is a dichotomy between the past policies of conservative and liberals, but we believe these new ideas show that this dichotomy does not have to exist.

Consider the following informal graph:

Note that the policies of Compassionate Conservatism already move us away from the old dichotomy as it uses both governmental and nongovernmental channels to provide assistance to those in need. This ComingTogether Plan moves the government even further out of the control process. This proposal envisions the recipients of the help being in control of how it is delivered.

For example, this program includes help for purchasing food and housing. If a homeless shelter charges the daily benefit rate against the benefits provided by this program, they receive the federal support for these benefits at the discretion of the beneficiary. The only requirement such a charity would have to deal with to be eligible is that they provide a day's food and a day's shelter for the daily rate of each in the benefit program. The government would not be involved in the program details at all.