Honorable Senator McCain,

Thank you for thinking creatively about problems facing this great country.

Your proposal of a tax credit for health care shows trust in America's citizens to make their own decisions.

Please consider three improvements:

1) Make the amount of the credit age-rated. (Young people can already get good coverage for about half the amount you propose. Older folks are paying three times that.)

2) Specifically limit this benefit to citizens of the United States. Our Bill of Rights makes this a great place to live and work, but government benefits belong to those with full citizenship.

3) Distribute the federal contribution to health care via methods OTHER than a tax credit. (Tying social benefits to our already complex tax code reduces IRS efficiency. And why should taxpayers have to wait several months for access to their benefits? Set up accounts where social benefits may be provided monthly.)

For other proposals that fit your domestic policy, please see  www.ComingTogether.info. You will find specifics on making benefit distribution more efficient, ideas on tax reform, and a comprehensive welfare reform plan.

Thank you for considering our input.

God bless you,