Dear President __________ ,

Congratulations on your election.

America needs to simplify the income tax code! The best way to use tax law to improve the economy is through simplification and fairness. We suggest that we fight hard to eliminate the double taxation of corporate income, but offset that "revenue loss" by taxing all corporate income the same.

For corporations, get rid of tax "brackets" instead, tax at one corporate rate. Then eliminate Chapter S status and Personal Service Corporations status these categories will not be needed if there is only one "bracket." Also drop the rules about consolidation of multiple companies on one return. This would increase revenue by disallowing the offset of one company's income with a loss from a money-losing one.

These suggestions are taken from www.ComingTogether.info with ideas on personal income taxes, income taxes on trusts, and welfare reform. We hope these proposals help you in America's ongoing debate about freedom and fairness.

Thank you for your service representing our great country.

God bless you,