Platform Resolutions

One way that voters may influence government is through the process of developing party platforms. These processes vary from state to state, but most are characterized by having a widely available entry point where anyone can propose a resolution for the platform. From there, proposals get voted upon, consolidated, and refined at higher levels until there is a state-wide platform (and a national platform in presidential election years).

The following links are to resolutions that you may find helpful in supporting the principles of  this ComingTogether Plan. These resolutions follow the format used in Texas, since that is what we are familiar with. (Note that Texas requires the resolutions to be submitted in triplicate.) The resolutions are in Word 6/95 format. Feel free to open these files and modify them as appropriate for your locale.

Resolution to encourage productivity

This resolution focuses on the problem that the combined effects of the income-based taxes and the phase-out of social benefit plans reduces or eliminates the incentive to work in many cases.

Resolution to simplify income taxes

This resolution suggests movement toward a simpler income tax system. It does not specify the one we advocate, but this one would certainly fall into the classification of being simpler than what we have now.

Resolution on the party platform

This resolution is to help you make a convention more efficient, leaving more time for your other proposals and to enhance your stature in the convention. If you choose to use this resolution, you may wish to speak with the presiding officer to let him or her know that this is available to speed up the meeting. There are numerous blanks in this form for the name of the party. In the last blank in the "Whereas" clause, write a description of the accomplishments of the party in the prior elections to emphasize the value of the existing platform.