Let's Scrap the Seesaw Approach
to Welfare and Taxation

ComingTogether is a plan to remove welfare reform and tax reform from being a political football. It is long overdue. Depending on the latest power grabs, the poor are promised either a Big Mac™ in every microwave or told to pull themselves up by their Velcro™ tabs. Politicians can't seem to agree on whether to promote self-reliance or to reward selected constituencies with benefits that discourage attempts to better their lot in life.

Latest Update:
Should We Raise
The Debt Limit??


The Proposal

This ComingTogether Plan is that the federal government provide funding for basic living expenses for every American citizen very efficiently through an electronic benefits transfer system, and that the income tax be converted to a flat tax without even standard deductions or personal exemptions.


How It Works:

Benefit Funding: The Key to Fairness

Replace welfare's spider web with benefits for ALL citizens, efficiently delivered. HOW?

Taxation: The Key to Progress

Replace the current, cumbersome income tax with a simple flat tax. WHY?

One Nation, Indivisible, Coming Together

Americans are a people of compassion; we hate to see others suffer. We want the poor, disabled and elderly to feel secure about their future. We also value freedom, a practical freedom that allows individuals, families, and businesses to pursue lawful interests without constant government involvement or interference. We want our children to feel that this is a land of opportunity.

Should this apparent dichotomy, or tension, divide us? Is bipartisanship an impossible dream?

What if, instead of taking sides, we start "Coming Together?" What if, instead of competition, we seek balance?

What would Welfare look like if Americans were truly "Coming Together?"


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