WHO WE ARE: Meet the ministry

In 1992, Steven C. Dossin, Ph.D., and his wife Nita felt that the Lord desired them to share what they had learned about financial principles found in God's Word. In response to the Lord's leading, they developed the Living the Abundant Life© Seminar.

Dr. Dossin, a professional business consultant and business educator, is owner of Dossin Business Solutions in Carrollton, Texas. His doctorate in Statistics was earned at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. Nita Dossin works with her husband in the creative side (writing and graphic design) of their consulting business.

The Power and the Principles

We are Christians. Every presentation or publication we offer is based on certain guiding truths:

What did Jesus mean when He declared, "I have come that they may have Life, and have it abundantly."? (John 10:10)

Most would say He was referring to eternal life in heaven. But "eternal life" begins at the moment of spiritual rebirth, while the believer is still in this world. Therefore, we see this promise from the Lord as having to do with earthly experience as well.

However, we do not teach that God wants every Christian to be wealthy, nor do we criticize the poor for "lack of faith."

We find it actually more exciting to help people discover the abundance which God has for them, in using God's gifts to God's glory. The abundant life looks different in you than it does in me, but it always brings glory to God.

So Stewardship (using God's gifts to God's glory) is about many things other than money, but money is a good starting point for learning. Jesus said more about money than He did about heaven. We are a teaching ministry dedicated to helping individuals and families discover the power of faithful money management, based on God's Word.