Our inspirational materials and educational speakers help people find true joy in stewardship.

Our goal is to guide people, through God's Word, to discover the blessings of walking by faith in the important area of finances.

We offer assistance in 3 ways:

Seminars and Speakers

Financial concerns are in many headlines these days. Our hearts go out to those who are confused or anxious about the economy. If you need a speaker to bring a biblical, Christian perspective to these concerns -- someone who will make both Wall Street and Ecclesiastes understandable, please think of us.

We have presented the Living the Abundant Life© Seminar in many formats, customized to a particular audience.

The full seminar is eleven hours of highly practical teaching, with a firm Scripture foundation for each concept. The Seminar demonstrates clearly that the Bible has application in all areas of personal and family finance. It may be presented over a weekend, as a weekly series, or condensed for presentation in a single day. (Some clients have asked for selected topics to be the focus of a customized presentation.)

We believe this material was given to us to share with others in as many ways as possible. It has received many positive comments, and we have seen real changes in churches where it has been offered. You may read an excerpt HERE. If a seminar setting (classroom lecture, note-taking, limited discussion) is not your group's learning style, we are willing and able to adapt these talks to fit your needs.


Resources and Materials


Consulting and Counseling

If you are a church or Christian association with a desire to grow in stewardship of God's gifts, we would be happy to help you plan for that growth in a way that fits your unique situation. We have advised local congregations, as well as district / regional bodies, about the importance of this topic, and about how to disciple others. We are also available (within limits) to counsel one-on-one with individuals who have either attended the Seminar or who have studied our materials. We charge a reasonable hourly rate, which may be waived in case of need.